Saturday, 21 April 2018



Release Day Blitz - Hustler (Masters of Manhattan Book 2) by Jane Henry & Maisy Archer

Mistake number one: falling in love with a man who betrayed me. Showing up on his doorstep years later asking for his help? Also not brilliant.

Haven: Naive. Foolish. Call it what you like, but I let myself get conned by a man who claimed he loved me. Nine years later, he’s as sexy and compelling as ever. I find myself wanting to believe he’s changed, wanting to believe I’m his, him to touch me. But how the hell am I supposed to trust a con?

Ethan: Grifter. Master manipulator. Hustler. Call it what you like, but I’m damn good at what I do. I earn trust, I break it, and I never make mistakes. Then Haven knocks on my door, every bit as gorgeous and brilliant and impossible as I remember, with her curves and wholesome innocence. I’ll protect her. Earn her trust. Make her mine.

“Oh, yeah,” he confirmed. “See, while I was in here, my thoughts were occupied by all the things I couldn’t wait to do when I got out of here. I decided, I want steak for dinner from La Marque.”
“The one on Fifty-Fourth?”
He nodded. “And I want the longest, hottest shower known to man.”
“Oh, I bet,” I said, putting my elbows on the metal table and leaning forward to rest my chin on my hands. I couldn’t imagine the culture shock of having your showers regimented.
“But before I do any of those things, Haven?” His voice had changed tone and I was startled by the intensity.
“Y-yeah? What do you need, Ethan? Anything you want.”
He smiled, slow and hot. “I want you. In my bed.”
I swallowed again. I’d already decided in favor of that, of course. He’d paid his debt to me - both by giving me back the money he’d taken from my parents, and by showing me just how much he’d changed by stepping into this hellhole voluntarily to free Max and Luis.
But Ethan didn’t know that. If the man had been making assumptions, I wasn’t going to make this easy for him.
“Is that right?” I said, folding my arms over my chest. “What makes you think I’d go?”
His voice shifted even lower, deeper, the rasp of his voice sliding over my skin. “Because you know I can make you scream my name.”
My breath caught, a tell-tale hitch that belied my stiff posture. The words were a bold challenge, an honest, straightforward claiming. They were proof that we’d moved way beyond deceit and trickery, and that my faith in him was justified.
“I’ve thought a lot about how sweet your pussy was the other night,” he continued conversationally. “I closed my eyes and I swear to God, I could practically taste it. It was fucking delicious.”
Oh. Dear. God.
“I imagined I was sitting on my bed at home, and you were standing in front of me in that hot little black and white dress of yours, giving me that little teasing smile I love. And while I watched, you pulled the dress up, just an inch at a time, and bared your skin and those sexy-as-fuck panties to me.”
Oh, God. I could see it too, like he was painting a picture in the air with his words. My mouth was hanging open and I tried my best to summon a cool, snarky response, but all that came out was, “Guh.”
He smiled, dark and predatory. “I told you to remove your panties. Slowly. And do you know what happened next?”
I shook my head. I could guess. Hell, I was practically ready to do it right here and now, cameras and guards be damned. But I wanted to hear the words from his lips.
“You said no,” he whispered, and I blinked. Wow. His fantasy-Haven was pretty badass and had way more control than the real me had.
“But that was fine,” he said, his eyes burning into mine. “That was fucking perfect.”
“I-it was?”
“Mmm. Because I turned you around, put you over my knee, and spanked your ass for your disobedience.” He bit his lip, the first physical sign he’d shown that he was as affected by his words as I was. “And Haven? You wanted me to. So, so badly.”
I raised my hands to press my cold palms to my suddenly burning cheeks. I would want that. I hadn’t confessed it to anyone, ever, not even to him nine years ago, but I did want it. I craved it.
He didn’t move from the wall, but his eyes stalked me, cataloging my every movement, my every response. Ethan knew how to read people, and I knew he could read me right now.
Did he know that my panties were damp? Could he sense the way my nipples were beading beneath my blouse? Did he realize how badly I wanted him? Suddenly, I wanted him to know.
“Then what happened?” I demanded breathlessly.
“After that? After your ass was red, you mean? After you’d writhed on my lap until your pussy was dripping for me?” He smiled, innocent as an angel except for his wicked, wicked eyes. “Then I forced you to your knees on the floor.”
I was nearly hyperventilating, aching with want, and I could barely see him across the room, since my vision was turned inward, imagining the scene he projected.
“You took my cock in your mouth,” he said hoarsely. “Licked it like a popsicle that might melt at any minute, and then sucked me down the back of your throat. Jesus Christ, I was so hard. So, so hard. And I didn’t want to hurt you, I would never want to hurt you, but you grabbed my hands and put them on your head to let me know you loved it every bit as much as I did, that you wanted me to use you that way.”
I gripped the table so I could hold myself to earth when the stunned arousal in my blood made me feel buoyant. I did want it. I did, I did, I did.
“I fucked your mouth,” he whispered, like the world’s most erotic confession, but the look in his eyes said he wasn’t repentant. Not for one single second. “You made the sweetest little noises, just like the noises you made when I ate you out the other night. You remember, Haven?”
I didn’t respond fast enough, apparently, because he repeated himself, his voice harder this time. “Do you, Haven?”
I nodded jerkily. God, of course I did. I’d deliberately tried not to think about it while he’d been away, knowing it would only make me miss him more, but his voice was a spell, an incantation, that conjured up that evening with perfect clarity. I could feel his mouth on my most intimate areas, could feel the powerful thrust of his tongue.
“Ethan,” I breathed.
“I want to do that again, Haven. Right now. Tonight. Over and over.” His hands were flat against the wall behind him now. And though they were still cuffed behind his back, it seemed like he was hanging onto the cinder-block surface for support. In a rush I realized that he was standing that far away because distance was the only way he could control himself.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Devil Winter (Wallflowers #3) by Lisa Kleypas

7939893"I'm Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent. I can't be celibate. Everyone knows that."

Desperate to escape her scheming relatives, Evangeline Jenner has sought the help of the most infamous scoundrel in London.

A marriage of convenience is the only solution.

No one would have ever paired the shy, stammering wallflower with the sinfully handsome viscount. It quickly becomes clear, however, that Evie is a woman of hidden strength—and Sebastian desires her more than any woman he's ever known.

Determined to win her husband's elusive heart, Evie dares to strike a bargain with the devil: If Sebastian can stay celibate for three months, she will allow him into her bed.

When Evie is threatened by a vengeful enemy from the past, Sebastian vows to do whatever it takes to protect his wife... even at the expense of his own life.

Together they will defy their perilous fate, for the sake of all-consuming love.

Cover: I absolutely love this cover.  It’s probably one of my favourite historical romance covers.  I think the contrast between the snow and the red is just stunning.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve become a huge Lisa Kleypas fan, and I don’t know why I hadn’t read more of her books sooner.

The Wallflower series is just brilliant, and the third book in the series Devil In Winter is no exception.  I can see why this book is as popular as it is, it seems to be many people’s favourites.

Sebastian is an unashamed rake, and makes no apologies for it.  While he may have a title, he’s broke.  He needs to marry into money.

That’s where Evie comes along.  Her family are trying to bully her into a marriage she doesn’t want, so they can get their greedy hands on her money.  But she has other ideas.  Normally shy and stuttering, she plucks up the courage to approach Sebastian and tell him her plan.  A marriage of convenience mutually beneficial to them both.  The arrangement suits Sebastian down to the ground…until he finds himself captivated by Evie, until no other woman will do.

Ahh how I loved this book.  Evie is such a cute character.  In the previous books we see her, and she’s painfully shy and has a stutter, so I was so glad to see her paired off with Sebastian.  They’re complete opposites, but they really complete each other.  We really see Evie grow as a character, she really she’s her worth and this changes Sebastian.  He comes to view her differently to the women of his past.  In the previous books we've seen his disrespectful behaviour, and his careless ways, but even though there's still a sly and deviousness about his character, he puts those traits to use in running a gaming hell.

I really think this was a historical romance with a lot of depth to it.  I really grew to love the characters, they will be favourites of mine forever.

5/5 stars.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Puge & Prejudice by Eliza Garrett

34666756CLASSIC TAILS - the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds

We all have our favourite classic novels; books that have been beloved to us since childhood, whose wonderful stories and rich tapestry of characters are unsurpassed in modern literature. How, you may ask, could these marvellous works ever be improved upon?

Reader, ask no more...for we present

Pugs & Prejudice

Mrs Bennet has five unmarried daughters, living in a house that can only be inherited by a male heir. The Bennet litter must be married off soon - but to whom?

Adorable Mr Bingley seems like a perfect match for beautiful and sweetly tempered Jane Bennet; and perhaps his dashing but aloof companion Mr Darcy might be just right for her witty sister Elizabeth?

Or perhaps not...

This book has everything you adored about Jane Austen's classic novel - the wit, the warmth, the love story - with everything the original lacked - namely, a colourful cast of adorable pugs dressed head to paw in Georgian clothing.

Turns out Mr Darcy is even more lovable with a fuzzy muzzle.

Cover:  I find this cover both really cute, and highly amusing.
This is a really light hearted, funny book.
It’s not meant to be taken seriously.  It was a really quick read, finishing it within about 20 minutes.  I think this book would make a really great gift for someone, for example a Jane Austen fan or a Pug lover.
The art work is just really fun, seeing pugs dressed up in Regency wear.
3.5/5 stars.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Saga Vol 1 by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan

  • Paperback: 160 pages

    • Publisher: Image Comics (25 Oct. 2012)
    • ISBN-10: 1607066017
    • ISBN-13: 978-1607066019
    When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. 

    From bestselling writer Brian K. Vaughan, Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in this sexy, subversive drama for adults.

    Cover: I love the cover for this.
    I’m not a graphic novel reader.  I’m just not.
    But there’s such a buzz and hype about this book in the booktube world, and from descriptions, sounds like a plot I would enjoy as a book, so thought I would give this graphic novel  a try.
    And I’m glad I did.
    I don’t know how I can really judge, but I loved the artwork.  I thought it was fantastic.  Colourful and vibrant- even thought I don’t have much to compare it to, I still appreciated it.
    I loved the story of two star-crossed lovers-running from their enemies across the galaxy so they can raise their baby.
    While I struggled at some points to understand what was happening- I think because it’s a different way of reading, where I’m used to reading just text, eventually I got used to it, and found myself engrossed in the story.
    Will be continuing with the series without a doubt.

    4.5/5 stars.

    Wednesday, 4 April 2018

    Mr Blakely by K. Webster

    37843933The Dirty Bits from Carina Press give you what you want, when you want it. Designed to be read in an hour or two, these sex-filled microromances are guaranteed to pack a punch and deliver a happily-ever-after.
    It started as a job.
    It turned into so much more.
    Mr. Blakely is strict with his sons, but he’s soft and gentle with me.
    The powerful businessman is something else entirely when we’re together.
    Boss, teacher, lover…husband.
    My hopes and dreams for the future have changed. I want—no, I need—him by my side.
    This book is approximately 33,000 words
    Editor’s note: All characters in this story are over eighteen and all sexual interactions are fully consensual.
    The Dirty Bits from Carina Press: what you want, when you want it. Over-the-top sexy microromances designed to be read in an hour or two.

    I requested this book on NetGalley on a bit of a whim, and started reading it when I didn’t know what to read next, and boy did it take me by surprise.  I’m not a huge reader of taboo erotic romance, but something about this one just hooked me in.  It didn’t feel overly sordid or gross.  Rather I found myself rooting for the characters, and wishing them a HEA.
    It was a very quick read, only taking a couple of hours.
    Is it perfect? No.  Was it enjoyable? Yes.
    4/5 stars.