Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day

  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Eternal Romance (27 Sep 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1472200748
  • ISBN-13: 978-1472200747
  • Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Adrian Mitchell is an angel of immense power and an insatiable desire for the one woman he can't have. The head of an elite Special Ops unit of the Seraphim, his task is to punish the Fallen - angels who have become vampires - and command a restless pack of indentured lycans. 

    But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals - losing the love of his life again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found his beloved Shadoe, her soul once more inhabiting a new body with no memory of him. This time he won't let her go. 

    With no memory of her past as Shadoe, Lindsay Gibson only knows she can't resist her fierce attraction to the smouldering, seductive male who crosses her path. Swept into a dangerous world of tumultuous passion and preternatural conflict, Lindsay is soon caught in the middle between an angel lover, an estranged vampire father, and a full-blown lycan revolt. There's more at stake than her love and her life - this time she could lose her very soul...
  • Cover: I like that it's simple and relevant, the feather being how Adrian's wings are described.
  • I picked this book up for several reasons.
  1. It was super cheap in the supermarket, this and book two both for £7.
  2. Lara Adrian blurbed the back, Lara Adrian being my favourite adult author.
  3. I know how popular Sylvia Day's Gideon Cross books are.
I was kind of disappointed.  It paled in comparison to Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series and because she blurbed it, I couldn't help but compare them.
The romance was just unconvincing.  Adrian has mourned loosing Shadoe over and over again for centuries, and suddenly after a few weeks loves Lindsay?
I just didn't buy it.
I also found the world building confusing, I had trouble distinguishing the Fallen, Minions and the Watchers etc.
I liked that Lindsay was a fairly kickass, independent heroine, but towards the end her actions just irritated me.
I wasn't overly keen on Adrian.
This should have put me off wanting to read the rest of the series, but, the parts that I did like in this book that prevented me from giving it a 1/5 was Elijah- an Alpha lycan, which book 2 is about, and Syre- the leader of the Fallen which book 3 is about.  Both of these characters were the most interesting parts of the book so I'm hoping their books are much better and I will read them.
Over all I give this book 2/5 stars.  Definitely not my favourite adult paranormal romance.

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