Thursday, 1 August 2013

Booking Through Thursday

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Do you have a preference between “person” in the books you read? Do you prefer third-person to first-person? Or don’t you care?
And … why??

For me, I don't really have a preference.  As long as the author writes the character in a way in which I can relate to the character, I really don't mind.

I do freaking love when books have dual perspectives in first person though.  Big fan of that, because I feel that it makes the story that bit more well rounded as we're getting info from both sides kind of thing.

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  1. Most of the dual perspective books I have read are romances and it is great, when it is done well. Sometimes though, you have an author that is great at writing from a female perspective but really dodgy at a male (or vice versa). If that's the case, it can unfortunately ruin the book. Here's mine Backchatting Books BTT