Monday, 28 December 2015

Pun Direction by Stewart Francis

  • Hardcover: 224 pages
    • Publisher: Headline (10 Oct. 2013)
    • ISBN-10: 075536578X
    • ISBN-13: 978-0755365784
    Packed full of hilarious one-liners and cartoons, this is the first book from Mock The Week and
    Live At The Apollo favorite Stewart Francis. "I was standing in the park today wondering, why does a Frisbee appear larger the closer it gets? And then it hit me." Stewart Francis is the king of the smart one-liner, the brilliantly crafted, often punning gag delivered in his trademark deadpan style. In this, his first book, he presents 500 of his funniest, most perfectly formed gags as well as exclusive new jokes and quirky cartoons.

    Little bit of a different review today- I'm reviewing a joke book.
    Stewart Francis is one of my all time favourite comedians- I really appreciate a good one liner.  The kind of joke you can easily repeat to someone.
    It's going to be hard to review a jopke book, because people's sense of humour is subjective.  What one person finds funny, another could find stupid.  Which of course could be said for anything.
    But the easiest thing to say is;
    If you like Stewart Francis as a comedian, you'll love this book.  It's full of his most iconic jokes, and even some you might not have heard before.  As well as funny doodles.
    If you've never heard of Stuart Francis but love one liners and puns- you might still love this one.
    It's not the sort of book to read in one go, pick up and read bits at a time, but it was a fun read that I loved.

    5/5 stars.

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