Monday, 10 April 2017

Release Blitz - Perfect Chemistry by Aria Cole

This was such a sweet but sexy read.   So sweet that it won’t be for everyone, but I love that kind of read.
You could feel the tension in them waiting for her to become of age.
While it was fun to pick up such a short and sweet read, I liked it enough that I feel it would have made a nice full length novel- bulk out the characters a little and give them more depth.  Because of the length of the book, we weren’t with them for very long which was such a shame.
Overall I loved this novel and would recommend picking it up.
4/5 stars
Note: This was previously released as part of the Hot For Teacher Anthology.
Devon Walsh is the chemistry teacher at the local high school, and in all his years teaching, he's never looked at a student inappropriately. Until Karoline Kingston steps through his door, with the body of a goddess and innocent eyes that beguile him. He's distracted throughout class but vows to keep his distance, despite every primal urge telling him to take her hard and mark her as his own.
Karoline and Devon count down the days until she's eighteen and Mr. Walsh can finally touch the woman that he's been waiting for his entire life. But when he finds another student assaulting her in a dark hallway, Devon loses his mind with rage. Threatening to expose the risky road Karoline and Devon had found themselves on, he vows to protect Karoline no matter the cost.

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