Monday, 12 May 2014

Fight For You by Magan Vernon

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 2192 KB
Print Length: 185 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1497580234
Publisher: Beautifully Broken Books (6 April 2014)

A mafia prince who doesn't want the crown.
A girl who has secrets of her own.
One love that they'll both have to fight for.

Nicky Ragusa lives his life inside the cage, circuiting the underground ring to escape his fate as the mafia prince. When Jackie Marks crashes into his life, he’ll take the fight outside the cage.

But the battle for Jackie’s heart comes with a steep price. Nicky’s father has wanted him to take over the family business for years, and the time for running is over. Now Nicky is right where his father has always wanted him: in the middle of a war.

All Nicky has ever wanted to do was fight. Now all he has to do is fight for her.

Cover:  Nothing particularly stand out, especially in the New Adult genre.

I need to get that out there.
I thought this book sounded interesting - and you guys know how I love my new adult novels.
But as soon as I started reading- literally from the get go -
this was my facial expression.

Insta-love doesn't even begin to describe this one.
Nicky (hate the name) sees Jackie for the first time- cowering from her ex boyfriend- so when she runs off, he follows her to check she's 'safe'.
And then accidentially knocks her off her motorbike.  She's unconscious.
And he feels just awful about that.
So he takes her to the hospital.  Looks over her.
Couple of hours later, she turns up at his office, seemingly miracuously recovered (since we never did get any details as to her injuries) she waltzes into his office- slaps him for giving her a new bike, and then they have sex.
Genuinely WTF.
They've barely exchanged ten words at this point.  Then bam! Relationship.
Way too fast.  Zero development.
 I also found the "I'm on the pill" response when a let's-face-it complete stranger tells her he doesn't have a condom- right because he might not be riddled with infectious diseases?? The pill is totally solve that potential issue.  Right. On.
 And then of course he just takes her word for it.
Must be true love right there.
What did we know about Jackie?  That she has black hair, green eyes.  That's about it.
This story was all telling, no showing.  And what it was telling was far- fetched, unbelievable and under-developed.
The Italian mafia cliches and stereotypes really irritated me- capeesh!
The 'we have to show them who really runs this town' was repeated several times, and it was so anticlimatic.  Nothing really happened.
The end of this book resolves none of the various issues raised. 
I didn't enjoy this book.  At all.
0.5/5 stars.

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