Saturday, 16 August 2014

Divergent - Movie Thoughts

I desperately wanted to see Divergent at the cinema, but alas, I had to wait for the DVD.

It was well worth the wait.

Divergent was a fantastic movie, as well as a fantastic book to movie adaptation.

I love the book.  I read it after The Hunger Games, but actually preferred it.  It easily became a favourite read.  So I was both anticipating and dreading the movie.  So I was so pleased that it actually met those expectations.

I think it was a very faithful adaptation, and it's the movie I imagined it was as I read the book, if that makes sense.

Tris was a great, strong female lead.  I really rooted for her.

Four- when I first saw the casting for Four, I wasn't sold.  I was completely won over by him.  I think he was an excellent Four- completely swoon worthy and kick ass.  Love him.

5/5 stars!!!

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