Monday, 4 August 2014

Vampire Academy- Movie Thoughts

Vampire Academy didn’t get a cinema release here in the UK- it came straight to dvd on the 14th of August.
Despite having heard various negative things, and the movie’s general lack of cinema success.
But…I actually really enjoyed it.
I think- most likely because I hadn’t read the book.  I’d tried to- years before, but just didn’t get into it.  I must have read about 10 pages. 
It was little cheesy in places, and you could definitely tell if from the same director as Mean Girls.
It also felt a little over edited in places, particularly in the beginning.  It made it feel very choppy.  The dialogue was also a bit stilted in places- particularly at the start.
I loved Rose’s character- she was funny, kick ass with a smart mouth.
Lissa- slightly cringier acting, particularly in scenes with Christian.
Dimitri- I also seem to be alone in this, but I found him extremely attractive in this movie.  That accent!  I loved it!
When he says ‘Roza’. –DIED!
Over all-is it the best movie ever? No.
But- I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.  And it made me want to pick up the pick and give it another go.
I hope the sequel is made.  Twilight was not the best book to movie adaptation, but, they got better.
Vampire Academy should have the same chance.
4/5 stars.

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