Thursday, 7 May 2015

Booking Through Thursday 07/05/2015 'Poetry'

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It seems like I’m always asking about actual books … but what about poetry? Do you read it? Write it? Like it? Not like it? Do you prefer song lyrics? (Because we can all agree there’s a relation between poems and lyrics, right?)

I tend to only read actual books.  Mostly fiction.
There are some poets that I like, mostly Byron, but poetry isn't something I pick up very often at all.
And I know the poets I like, so rarely search for something else.
Song lyrics are definitely a kind of poetry.  
What I would call accessible poetry.  Not everyone enjoys poetry- I think it can be a little ambiguous and elusive, whereas giving it a voice, makes it that much easier to understand.

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  1. Music definitely helps make poetic song lyrics seem less intimidating than straight poetry. Everyone's got a little groove inside, I guess!