Monday, 18 January 2016

Where The Hearts Leads by Jeanell Bolton

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Forever Yours (17 Nov. 2015)
A woman's past...

A new beginning. It's the only thing former child star Moira Farrar wants. Putting her painful Hollywood memories in the rearview mirror, she's headed to Texas and to an exciting new job directing a small-town theater group. But it's the sinfully sexy smile of red-headed rancher Rafe McAllister that makes Moira really dream of starting over—even though she knows that anything more than a fling would set the stage for heartbreak.

A cowboy's future...

When Rafe buried his wife three years ago, he buried his heart along with her. Now, the only woman in his life is his daughter . . . and all of the women in Bosque Bend know that. But from the moment he lays eyes on Moira, he feels alive again. Maybe it's her quick wit and clear-eyed compassion. Whatever it is, Rafe wants Moira, body and soul. So why is she so skittish? Rafe aims to find out—before his second chance at happiness rides off into the sunset...

Cover:  I don't understand this cover- it's made to look like a Young Adult novel with two teen-ageish type characters on the front.  This is not a young adult novel.  It's an adult contemporary.  Weird.  I like the cover itself- it just doesn't match the story.

Unfortunately- I didn't enjoy this book.
It was slow, and kinda dull.
I didn't feel any chemistry between the two protagonists.
The suspense fell flat and the mystery was no mystery at all.
It was all very obvious.
The copious descriptions and repetion of the play, and the music etc, just bored me to tears really.
I just didn't have any interest in this book.
I feel
1/5 stars.

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