Thursday, 10 March 2016

Booking Through Thursday 10/03/2016 #1

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted byBooking Through Thursday and a different question is posted every week.
I missed last week's post, so decided to post it today!

Do you own multiple copies of any books? Why? Is it the format? Size? Just because you love it?

I do own a few books in multiple editions.   Some books just seem to multiply on my shelves.

There are some where I've been sent an advance copy, and then either been sent or have bought a finished copy.

There are some books that I've read that have become favourites.
For example I have 5 copies of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (Which I admit is exscessive).
Unsigned US hardback.
Signed US hardback.
Signed UK paperback.
Movie Tie-In edition.
Audio book as read by John Green.

3 Copies of Paper Towns by John Green-
Signed UK paperback
Signed US hardback
UK movie-tie in edition

2 copies of Looking For Alaska by John Green
UK paperback
US Anniversary hardback edition

I also have two copies of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes-
UK paperback and the US hardback....and I will probably add the movie tie-in edition when it is released.

For me, the biggest reason I end up with multiple editions is because I've loved that book so much, and it's the publisher's fault for releasing so many editions!!! Lol.

Sometimes a book becomes a favourite, and I have the paperback, but I want a more durable hardback etc.

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