Thursday, 12 May 2016

Booking Through Thursday 12/05/16 'Weeding'

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What do you do with books you weed out of your library? If you’re like me, you find this VERY hard to do, but you want your old books to have a good, happy life somewhere … so where do you send them? What do you do with them?
I really struggle with removing books from my shelves- even if they are ones I haven’t particularly liked.  I don’t even know why I struggle as much as I do.
I’ve tried to remedy the situation, out of sheer necessity, because of running out of bookshelf space.  And last year I managed a huge book unhaul of around 150 books.  Once I got into it, it was much less painful than I expected.  I think there’s the only way I could part with books- en mass.
The books that I parted with, I asked friends and family if they were interested in any of them, and the ones that were left I gave to a charity that ships them abroad.

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