Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight Saturday is all about sharing my favourite authors or fellow reviewers putting them in the spotlight for the day!

In the spotlight today is RJ Gonzales at RJ Does Books on blogger and MrRJGonzales on YouTube.

He is a great reviewer, that's honest about the books but is still respectful and mindful that hard work went into the book and so never intends to hurt the authors feelings.  His sense of humour and personality make his videos fun to watch.

He is also a self published author, his book Mundahlia sounds amazing and as it's up high on my 'desperately want to read list'  I hope that it comes to paperback in the UK soon.

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  1. :D!! Thanks so much!!!! Wonderful meme by the way! I totally need to do it next Saturday! :D