Thursday, 27 June 2013

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Booking Through Thursday and a different question is posted every week.

Inspired by a conversation with a coworker the other day:
It’s time for summer reading, so … today’s question? What’s the worst thing you ever did to your reading material? Sand in the bindings from the beach? Dropped into the pool? Covers smeared with sunscreen?
And, if you’ve never done actual summer-time damage … have you EVER damaged your book/magazine/paper? Dropped it in the bathtub? Used it to kill a bug? Spilled with coffee?

I've never damaged a book in any of the ways listed above.  I'm pretty OCD about the condition my books are in.  As not only an avid reader but collector of books, I like them to stay pretty so try to avoid damage as much as possible.
I have of course broken spines on books- paperbacks that are inflexible it's inevitable.
But come to think of it, while reading one book, a chap on my finger decided to spontaneously bleed and I got a smidgen of blood on one of the pages.  
Oh and once I got some nail varnish on a cover but some remover saved it.
That's all I can think of damage wise.


  1. It's great that you collect books. I gave up my print books (well most of them) when I switched to a kindle. Happy reading.

    1. I love my Kindle, but I just love physical book!

  2. eReaders are convenient but I miss turning pages. The biggest thing I am guilty of is neglect. Here's my post