Thursday, 12 June 2014

Booking Through Thursday 12/06/14

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How do you feel about explicit detail in your reading? Whether language, sex, violence, situations and so on … does it bother you? Faze you at all? Or do you just read everything without it bothering you?

For me, it all depends on the individual book.
There will be times when explicit detail is almost expected, I hate reading a book, and suddenly bam!  Just a list of swear words that are unnecessary.  If it fits the book, the setting and the characters it's fine. 
Sometimes you crave a read that is that little bit more explicit or dark. 
Sometimes you want something a little a light and fluffy.
But really...I will read most anything without bothering me.


  1. I agree that each novel must be considered individually. I like the books I read to seem realistic, and certain explicit content becomes necessary.
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  2. I skip pages with explicit sex scenes!

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