Sunday, 26 April 2015

Movie Thoughts: Disney's Cinderella 2015

I have been dying to get to the cinema to see this for weeks now, and finally I managed to get there.  Like many, I grew up watching Disney films, so to get a live action version of what I would consider one of my classic childhood films, was a huge deal.
And I loved this film.
It was a beautiful re-imagining of the original animated movie, whilst staying faithful to it.
The cinematography and settings were beautiful.  Colourful and vibrant.

I was surprised by how much comedy was in the movie, but it was a pleasant surprise.  I found myself roaring at some parts.  
The step sisters brought a lot of the humour- and they played their parts fantastically.  As did the step mother.  She was a great villain.  I loved to hate her.

The fairy godmother- I thought Helena Bonham Carter was an intereseting choice, but she was great.  Crazy, but great.  She made me smile, despite being vastly different to the original fairy godmother.

The romance- of course it's Disney, fairytale romance.  Cheesy but grin inducing.  Cinderella was sweet, almost saccharine and Prince Kit was charming and swoon worthy.  

The dress- and overall costume was fantastic.  Visually stunning.
I loved this film and I cannot wait to own the dvd.  It actually makes me think it is a perfect blend of the original animated Cinderella and the film, Ever After
5/5 stars.

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