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Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street 1.5) by Samantha Young

  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Print Length: 111 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin (20 Jun. 2013)
  • An exclusive novella featuring Ellie and Adam, much loved characters from On Dublin Street and Down London Road

    Ellie Carmichael has been in love with Adam Sutherland for as long as she can remember. What started as a childhood crush on the protective and best friend of her older brother bloomed into full-blown infatuation over the years. Unfortunately, it also meant full-blown heartache, as Adam refused to fall for his mate's little sister.

    But it takes a crisis for Adam to realize he's wasted too much time denying his feelings for her. Unwilling to waste a second more, he decided to make Ellie his, no matter what the consequences. Now happily settled with the woman he's pined after for years, he's about to find out what their ten year courtship was like for her, through the journals she kept during their ups and many downs. And though Adam may have Ellie now, he has no idea how close he came to losing her . . .
Cover:  I love this cover.  I can't put my finger on why I love it so much, but I do.  A lot.

We first met Ellie and Adam in On Dublin Street, as side characters in Joss and Braden's story.
So I'm glad to see their story told, I just wish it had been a full novel instead of a novella, because they deserved one.
Ellie, a true romantic, has loved Adam for as long as she can remember.
Adam, has feelings for Ellie- but she's his best friend's sister.  The Carmichael's are like family to him, he can't risk losing them or hurting Ellie.
But when tragedy strikes, it brings them closer together- and makes them realise what's important- being together.
I enjoyed how this story was told- kind of in flashback form.  Adam and Ellie are going through stuff and find her old diaries- detailing their story.
Really enjoyed this one, and it's a must read for anyone that enjoyed reading On Dublin Street.  I blazed through it, reading it in just on day.

4/5 stars.

Read on June 03, 2015

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