Thursday, 2 January 2014

Booking Through Thursday 2/1/14

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Happy New Year, everyone! Apparently the scheduler didn’t like any of the posts I had ready for the month of December, so we’ll just have to start fresh for the new year.
Although–it’s always good to look back so you know where you’ve been, so the first question for the year is an oldie but a goodie:
“What were your favorite books last year?”

Happy New Year!
I actualy plan to make a YouTube video for my channel with 'My Top 13 Books of 2013', which will of course also be posted here on the blog.
But until I get round to recording that, I can of course share a few of my favourite books I read last year.

The Sullivans series #1 through to #10 by Bella Andre
While only the first seven books are shown here, I read up to book 10 in the series.  I thoroughly enjoy this series and it's one I shall continue to read on into 2014.  They're such cute, romantic reads, I love the characters and the big Sullivan family.  Highly recommend for contemporary romance fans.
One of the stand out books of the year for me was Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. A YA fantasy about kingdoms heading for war, told from several points of view, a Princess from a prosperous kingdoms, a peasant whose brother was brutally murdered, a Prince from a harsh kingdom.  It was absolutely fantastic.  Captivated me straight away.  I didn't want to put it down.  it's essentially a YA Game of Thrones. 
While I could list all day,  the last one I'm going to mention is the Too Far series by Abbi Glines.

 I read all three books in 2013.  New Adult was a new-to-me genre in 2013 and I went on a bit if a binge.  Abbi Glines has a massive fanbase, both on BookTube and the Goodreads, so I was seeing her books all the time, particularly her Vincent Boys series, but because of the hype, wanted to start with a differemt series.
I absolutely loved this series.  It's a super cheesy series, but I don't even care.
The romance between Blair and Rush, was just totally addictive, and I did totally root for them.
The end of Fallen Too Far was just evil, and I couldn't wait to start book 2.


  1. I need to expand my book list...I'm not familiar with any of these. Enjoy the New Year...and here's MY BTT POST

  2. Oh! they all look like yummy reading, so glad you enjoyed them. I combined my Monday Musings meme with BTT because they are both related to the end of 2013 reading.

  3. I read one of the Sullivan books. I liked the characters but would have preferred that it was less explict.