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9th June [BLOGTOUR] Unbearable by Sherry Gammon (Port Fare #3)

You met and fell in love with Maggie and Seth as they struggled to survive a couple of ruthless drug dealers and Maggie's incorrigible mom in UNLOVABLE

Next came Cole and Lilah as they found love despite her deception while working with Booker (Much to his dismay) to protect everyone from being murdered.

 Now discover Booker and Tess's story!
Booker Gatto is done. Done with women, his old life, all of it. Only the love of his friends in Port Fare keeps him going as he leaves the MET in exchange for the quiet 
life his new law practice will provide. 
Tess Selleck, once as ambitious and determined as she is smart and beautiful, had to leave everything and everyone she loves in San Diego to escape the man who destroyed her dreams and now wants her dead. 
Together Booker and Tess find love when they least expect it, until their pasts drive
them apart. Is there a happily ever after for these damaged lovers? Or is the thought of loving and trusting again simply Unbearable?

Unbearable is the exciting conclusion to the Port Fare Series. Join Booker as he struggles to find his happily ever after. 

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Booker's story: 
Booker left the police to pursue a career as a lawyer. True to his save the world ideas, he's hired a nervous,timid woman named Tess to work for him as a secretary. As Tess and Booker grow closer, Booker learns of her secret and is determined to free her of the past while convincing her to take a chance on love again. But is he ready to take the chance again?

Cover:  Another beautiful cover for this series.  Really wish my Kindle was colour so I could appreciate it that bit more.

I'm going to find this book extremely difficult to review.
This series is one of my all time favourite New Adult contemporary series, and I neither want to ramble nor spoil.
Booker was such a huge part of the other two books- as Seth and Cole's closest friend.  Seeing him defend and love his friends in those books made me totally fall in love with him, and I was dying for him to get his own book.
The friendly banter of the group of friends, with the endless cat jokes, was so fun to read.  Especially seeing them gradually win over and include a shy and reluctant Tess.
Both Tess and Booker have painful pasts, so seeing them come together was so sweet.  
Tess- battling to escape an abusive relationship.
Booker, learning to trust another woman after his wife betrayed him.
I loved their romance.  The chemistry between them was fantastic.  I felt the tension sizzle off my kindle.
It almost reminded my of Nicholas Spark's Safe Haven (the movie adaptation happens to be one of my fav movies ever.)

My heart was in my throat a few times throughout this book - that epilogue Sherry- that was so cruel.  My heart actually stopped for a moment there like "Did I just read what I thought I read?!?!?" Boy did you get me there.
If what I thought had happened, happened, I would have been soooo heartbroken.
As it was, the ending was bittersweet, but a beautiful round up of the series.
To anyone that has not read this series- I urge you to pick it up.
Like seriously.
4.5/5 stars.
Unlovable remains my favourite in this series.

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