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All A Heart Needs (Callaways #5) by Barbara Freethy

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In ALL A HEART NEEDS, the fifth book in the Callaway Series, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy delivers an emotional, heartwarming romance as well as a tantalizing mystery. 

Sean Callaway is the black sheep of the Callaway clan, the sibling who refused to follow in the family tradition of firefighting. Instead, he lives his life in music. On the outside, he's a free-spirited rock star, but on the inside, Sean is haunted by the death of a childhood friend, a tragedy no one knows he witnessed. He's kept the secret for twenty years. But nothing stays hidden forever…

Jessica Schilling, a young widow, moved to San Francisco to reunite her six-year-old stepson with his long-lost identical twin brother, Brandon. She rents a house just around the corner from the Callaways, and while cleaning out the garage for the previous owner Jessica stumbles upon a very old secret—one that someone might just be willing to kill to keep.

Suddenly, Sean is thrust back into the past. He's forced to face his most disturbing memories, not only to solve the riddle of the tragedy that ripped his life apart, but also to save the woman he loves…

Cover:  I love all the covers in this series.  Sweet, romantic covers.  This one is no exception.

I was reading this series to take part in the blogtour, but got completely hooked on the series, and ending up reading it in its entirety - back to back.
All A Heart Needs is the fifth installment in the series.
We first met Jessica in the previous book, and after the events of that book, she moves to Francisco to be closer to the Callaways.
Sean and Jessica met in the previous book, and they instantly became friends, but they have to ignore the attraction between them.  If things went bad between them it would have ramifications on her relationship with the rest of the Callaways, making the entire thing awkward.  Especially as Sean, musician that he is, doesn't want to settle down.
But, try as they might, they find themselves increasingly drawn together.  Particularly as they try to solves the mystery of Sean's childhood friend's death.
I loved the chemistry between Sean and Jessica.  I believed it 100%.  I enjoyed watching them try to stay away from each other, but failing miserably.
I liked seeing Jessica become entwined with the Callaway family as if she belonged there, and seeing Sean, the black sheep, eventually find his way home.
The mystery of Sean's childhood friend's death was also good.  I was definitely intrigued and loved the reveal.
Over all, I loved this book, and it has become one of my favourites in this series.

4/5 stars.

Read from March 25 to 27, 2015

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