Thursday, 26 November 2015

Booking Through Thursday 26/11/15 'Thankful'

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What is it about reading that makes you most thankful?

I'm thankful for reading because it's a constant in my life- there's always a book in my life.  That whatever is going on in my lkfe
I'm thankful for the books that have changed me and the way I think.  The books that have moved me to tears, to laughter, to silent contemplation- The Fault In Our Stars, Ella Enchanted, The Princess Diaries, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Me Before You.
I'm thankful to my mum that introduced me to reading- that took me to the library to share her love of reading.
I'm thankful to the blogging and BookTube community- that gives me somewhere to rant and enthuse constantly about the books that I love, that were disappointing, that I want to read with like minded people, a lot of whom have become friends.
I'm thankful to any publisher or author that offers me the chance of review books.  It is a privilege, most definitely not a right.

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