Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Reckless In Love (Maverick Billionaires #2) by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully

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  • Publisher: Maverick Oak Press (11 Nov. 2015)
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Sebastian Montgomery rose from nothing to become one of the most powerful media moguls in the world. Yet beneath the seemingly perfect façade of his life, the past still haunts him. Because when he lost his parents in his teens, he also lost his faith in love. When he discovers Charlie Ballard and her incredible metal sculptures, he is awed, inspired—and he can’t help feeling things he swore never to let himself feel again. Soon, Sebastian wants not only Charlie’s art, he wants her as a woman, too. More than he’s ever wanted anything in his life. And what a Maverick wants, he always gets…

For Charlie, Sebastian offers the commission of a lifetime. Creating a magnificent sculpture for his new headquarters is a dream come true, but falling for the spellbinding billionaire isn’t part of the plan...until his luscious kisses entice her into total recklessness. He fascinates and captivates her, and as Charlie learns more about the dark depths of Sebastian’s past, all she wants is to heal him with her love. But can a man who has grown up thinking love is toxic ever believe that true love is real?

Cover:  There’s not much to like or dislike about these covers, at least the series matches.

I love Bella Andre’s Sullivans series, and I picked up the first book in her and Jennifer Skully’s Mavericks series last year and really enjoyed it, so was keen to continue with the series.
I really liked Charlie and Sebastian’s book.
Sebastian had an awful childhood and doesn’t believe in lasting relationships, so when things start to heat up between him and Charlie, it takes a lot for him to trust that he won’t destroy her like his father did his mother.
Charlie- I really liked her character.  An artist that works with metal parts found in junk yards, she loves her art, but she works so hard to give her sick mother comfort, wants to give her the best.  So when Sebastian wants to commission a piece from her, the insane amount he pays her goes straight into getting her mum better care.  I just loved her and the two of them together just fit so well.
I’m really enjoying this series so far, and it may become a favourite like the Sullivans.

4/5 stars. 

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