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Faithful by Kelly Elliot

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  • Publisher: Kelly Elliott (18 Aug 2013)
  • No matter how faithful love can be…it takes only one moment to change it all.

    After Heather Lambert’s parents died in a tragic car accident her senior year of high school, she refuses to let anyone into her heart for fear of being hurt again. Focusing only on school to follow her dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, the last thing Heather intends to do is fall in love with Josh Hayes.

    Josh knows the moment he lays eyes on Heather that she is the one he’s been waiting for. During months of obstacles and denied feelings, he is rejected by her time and time again. 
    When he finally wins her love, Josh and Heather start planning their future together…until Heather receives one bit of news she never wanted to hear again. 

    There has been a car accident. 

    Josh wakes up with no memory of Heather, and his ex-girlfriend, Victoria, is his nurse. Heather must decide if she’ll risk being hurt again and fight for the one man she loves with all her heart. 

    Will Josh remember Heather when she needs him the most? Or will Victoria take advantage of this opportunity, pushing Heather away from Josh for good?

    Faithful is the third book in the Wanted series by Kelly Elliott.
Cover:  Another cute, romantic cover.  I really like these.

Hmm.  This is going to be tough.  
I didn't hate this book.
But I do have some issues with it.
This series is starting to feel very formulaic.
Girl likes guy.  Guy likes girl.  Personal drama.  Bitchy ex's trying to come between them.  Throw in some sex.
Nothing new really jumped out at me.
A big issue with this book was there were like six people's perspectives.  I felt it should have just been Josh and Heather's book.  It's made worse by the fact that everyone sounds the same.  They have no distinctive qualities.  Even the adult speak like teenagers so it becomes even harder to distinguish whose who.
Another issue I have is there our characters are in their early twenties, and yet they all want to breed like crazy.  They just want to keep having babies.  Seriously- all of them.  There must be something else they want right?  I just found it disturbing how much of the book was taken over by that.
However I did enjoy Josh and Heather's story, when it was actually their story.
Over all a tad disappointing.
3/5 stars.

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