Monday, 9 September 2013

Fevered Souls (Season 1) by S.K Falls

Received for review
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  • After I left for college, I thought I’d never see Eden again. But I found myself headed back four years later, destitute and unable to find a job anywhere else. Still, I was adamant nothing would keep me there for long.

    Then I met the intoxicating Dax Allard. Copper-colored eyes, skin that emanated an exceptional heat, and a host of strange talents… It wasn't long before I was drunk on him.

    But Dax’s past was darker than mine, teeming with ancient secrets. Falling for him could cost me my life.

    I had two choices: walk away or deal with the perilous consequences.

    It was no choice at all.


    Fevered Souls Season 1 is the omnibus of the first season of the Fevered Souls serial novel.

    Episodes included: Possession, Betrothal, Illumination, Initiation, and Judgment.

    Approximate word count: 60,000 words or 170 pages.
Cover:  I love the sexy, romantic cover.  I'm a sucker for those. was quite Twilight-formulaic.  

Young girl/woman + Small town + Mysterious & beautiful guy + a miraculous,
unexplainable rescue + Girl googles research + guy trying to push girl away =

familiar territory

There was even the 'I know what you are' moment.
A Rosalie type character called Victorine.
Dax has 'protective' / stalker tendencies, oh and he loves the way Cara smells.
Let's not forget the Volturi like rulers called the Astaroth. 

Over all I found I couldn't really get into or love this series, because every page just smacked of Twilight.
And I'm a Twilight fan!
The similarities were just to much for me.

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