Monday, 22 June 2015

[BLOGTOUR] Moonlight On Nightingale Way (On Dublin Street #6) by Samantha Young

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Piatkus (2 Jun. 2015)
  • ASIN: B00SHL3W22
Logan spent two years paying for the mistakes he made. Now, he's ready to start over. He has a great apartment, a good job, and plenty of women to distract him from his past. And one woman who is driving him to distraction...
Grace escaped her manipulative family by moving to a new city. Her new life, made to suit her own needs, is almost perfect. All she needs to do is find her Mr. Right-or at least figure out a way to ignore her irresistible yet annoying womanizer of a neighbor.
Grace is determined to have nothing to do with Logan until a life-changing surprise slowly begins turning the wild heartbreaker into exactly the kind of strong, stable man she's been searching for. Only just when she begins to give into his charms, her own messy past threatens to derail everything they've worked to build...
Cover:  With a lot of the books in this series, I prefer the U.S. covers, as they're a tad more romantic- with couples on the cover.  But I actually find this cover quite beautiful.  I wish my Kindle was colour so I could fully appreciate it.
I've read the On Dublin Street books out of order.  Starting at book 4, then reading book 5, then 1 and now 6.
I wish I had read them in order, but the series only came to my attention last year at the release of book 4- Fall From India Place.
I feel if I'd have read them in order, I'd have connected to each book that little bit more.  But each book centers on an individual story, and couple.
I loved Logan and Grace's story.
I love romance.  And I'm a sucker for a great one.  And I really enjoyed seeing the neighbours argue, then become friends, and ultimately more.
Definite chemistry between the two of them.
Not a fan of Logan's previous man-whoring ways- while I could understand it, doesn't mean I had to like it.  And I didn't.
Over all, I really liked seeing the two of them drawn together- as well as seeing the characters from the previous books throughout this one, as well as having their stories wrapped up in the end.
I'm definitely going to read the books in this series I've missed- and I'm sad to see it end, but think it was a great book to end the series with.
4/5 stars.
Read from June 05 to 07, 2015

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