Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Unloved by Jennifer Snyder

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Sometimes the love our heart needs to heal can be found in the familiar eyes of a childhood friend...

Julie Porter learned the hard way that trust is something which must be earned and not something to be given out lightly, those who say they love you are those who hold the power to hurt you most, and best friends can help you survive anything—until they move away.

Nick Owen knows a thing or two about a hard life. At a young age Nick learned how to take a hit and to make lemonade out of the lemons life tossed his way. Returning home after nearly two years of being away, all Nick cares about now is protecting his mom from the abusive hands of his father and catching up with his best friend—the girl who lived across the street, the girl he can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Finally reunited after two years apart, Nick and Julie are about to learn that age does nothing to protect you from life’s trials and tribulations, heartache and loss, but maybe together they’ll find a way to survive.

(Mature Young Adult, contains violence, language, and sexual situations.)

Cover:  I love this cover.  A super cute image with people I consider to be good matches for the characters of Julie and Nick.  My only issue is that it's supposed to be set in a small town, and the background here seems to be more urban.

This is yet another New Adult book I've stumbled across on Goodreads.  This one appealed to me because a few reviews compared it to Sophie & Carter by Chelsea Fine and Heart On A Chain by Cindy C. Bennett both of which I loved.
Nick and Julie both ave trouble lives, and when they were children, they sought solace with each other, hanging out in a shed.  Their shared experiences brought them together and made them best friends, until Nick moved away.
I really enjoyed seeing Nick and Julie's friendship move into something more, but felt there needed to be more chemistry between them.  It just lacked passion in a lot of places.  And the end (which I won't spoil here) just felt a tad unbelievable. 
I loved that we got both their points of view in alternating chapters.
I really enjoyed this book but I didn't love it as much as I loved Sphoie and Carter of Heart On A Chain, but it's still a great read that I highly recommend for New Adult fans.
4/5 stars.

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