Thursday, 10 April 2014

Booking Through Thursday 10/04/14

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Does the price of a book affect your decision about buying it? Do you wait for cheaper editions of books you want?

This is a really great question.
The price of a book has definitely affected my decision about buying it in the past.
I live in the UK, but a lot of the books that I want to read are released in the US, meaning that most of the time, I purchase US editions from the BookDepository, and a lot of the time they are in hardback, so it's converts to about £10.  Of course I pick up paperbacks too.
There have occasionally been books that have been more about the £15 mark.  Those are ones that I think, 'is this a book I really, really want?'
If it is, the pirce isn't an obstacle.
For example, Written In Red by Anne Bishop is a book I really wanted to own, I bought it back in January, the hardback was £15, even the ebook was £13, the mass market paperback was available for preorder for £4.50...but I really wanted it in hardback, so I paid the price for it.
I consider, reading is my main hobby.  I don't smoke.  I don't drink an awful lot or very often.  So books are what I spend the majority of my disposable income on.
If a book is exspensive, it makes me think twice, but doesn't stop me.

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