Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sweet Stuff!

 The wonderful Bella Street nominated me for The Irrestibly Sweet Blog Award!

Rules: To list 7 random facts about myself and to nominate 10 other people...

1. My favourite TV show is Bones, truth be known I have a thing for David Boreanaz but the show IS awesome so it's doubly good.

2. I have some OCD tendencies...the usual locks, taps, fridge door-making sure they're all closed or off, plus negative numbers...I hate them and try in most things to have even numbers.

3.  Having curly hair I wake up with some serious bed head, I actually scare my dog.

4. I'm scared of birds.  One attacked me on holiday once and I nearly lost my eye so yeah...scared.

5. I'm a C.O.D. zombie addict.  Me and my best friend turn into teenage boys on that game.  Good times.

6. I studied forensic science for 2 years...I didn't look good in a white suit.

7.  I carried out an experiement with my friend into bone mad scientist time- we froze, set fire to and boiled bones and then went to town with a hammer.  I think we scared people.  Our teacher was somewhat surprised.  Blame my Bones addiction.

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  1. That's an awesome post! The dog pic made me laugh out loud...And thanks for nominating me!