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Cascade- Discussion Questions (may contain spoilers)

These questions can be found at the back of the book.

1) Growing up, most of us were taught to go the extra mile in peace making and getting along with others.  But in this us or them medieval world, Gabi and Lia come up against this decision over and over again.  What would it take to make you draw a line in the sand and refuse to budge?  Would it be societal trend, physical survival, or what?  Describe.

I think I would have to be in the medieval world quite some time before I got used to it to the point where I'd fight people but when it comes down to it I know that I would fight not only to save my own life but those of anyone I loved that was in danger.

2) Gabi goes through extreme physical and emotional trauma in this book.  When she's in the cage in Firenze, there is a very real possibilty that she might die.  Have you ever been on the edge of death?  If so, describe.  What did you learn about life that you want to remember?  If you haven't experienced this what do you think it would teach you?

I've never been on the edge of death, but I imagine if I had I'd be immensely relieved to NOT be dead, and appreciate life more.

3) Would you ever date two different brothers at different times?  Hoe about two guy friends? Why or why not?

No...I wouldn't because it I would imagine it would be awkward all round.

4) Do you ever wish arranged marriages were still done today?  Discuss the pros and cons.

Well in some cultures they are still around but for the most part I would say I definitely don't wish they were still around because marriage should come naturally when two committed are ready and want it, not because some other people want them to.

5) Many lives are lost in the battle for borders, property, and power in this book.  What land would you fight for?  Your family property?  Your state?  Your country?  Other countries?  If you wouldn't fight for any land, describe your thought on that.

I think I would fight for my families property, on one has the right to take that away.  Definitely If I was in the medieval era I would need to fight, probably finding myself conscripted.
6) When Gabi is in the cage, she hears a voice she identifies as her father's, but she's not entirely sure and isn't thinking might be God's.  Who do you think it was discuss?

I would probably be cynical and say that in her condition she was most likely hallucinating, creating comfort in her seriously uncomfortable situation BUT it could have been her father or God.

7) If you were in Gabi's shoes, how would you convince you Mom and sibling to stay with you?  What would be the good parts about living in that era versus living in today's culture.

If I was in Gabi's shoes I know my family would want me to be happy and so they would stay for that alone but I would convince them by showing them that we belonged there- that interruptions of modern day don't apply there, family values are more noticeable.

8) In the end, Gabi risks her relationship with Marcello in order to try and go back and save her dad.  Would you have done the same?  Why or why not?

I think that I would.  I would have to know if it was possible otherwise the not knowing would drive me mad.

9) How would losing a parent change your family?  If you have lost a parent, describe what has transpired for your family.

It would obviously have a devastating effect.  Loosing someone you've known and needed your whole life is suddenly not there, part of you would be irreversibly gone.

10) What do you think will happen in book three, Torrent.

Paratore's permanent demise.  Gabi and Marcello married.  Lia and Luca FINALLY together.  And they all stay in medieval Italy.   I hope.

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