Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Waterfall- Discussion Questions (may contain minor spoilers)

These questions can be found at the back of the book.

1) What was your favourite part of the novel, and why?

Oh so many parts, I loved the whole book but narrowing it down I would say when Gabriella bests Marcello with a sword when trying to convince him to let her carry one, because it was a great, funny scene.

2) What part of the novel did you not like, and why?

I can honestly say there was no part of the novel I didn't like.  It was THAT awesome.

3) What would be hardest about living in 1332?  No showers? No hair products.  No forks?  No technology?  No cars?  Using a chamber pot?  What would you miss most?

Showers and plumbing would be way up there in what I'd miss most...I would forever worried I'd smell the the idea of chamber pots has always grossed me out.
I'd miss so easily contacting people via phone and e-mail.
Like Gabi my hair is uncontrolable so lack of hair product would be a minor thing I guess.

4) Did you relate to Gabi? Why? What is it about her that you see in yourself?

Her familial devotion is relatable and I actually thought that her thoughts would be my own in the same circumstances.  Plus I kind of love Marcello too.

5) If you had been Gabi, would you have fallen for Marcello or Luca? Why?

I have fallen for both of them!  They are both so swoon worthy.  I love the noble hero in Marcello, same with Luca with his fun and cheecky personality.  Marcello can be funny and witty too...but in a more subtle way.  Either way I love both and it's too hard to choose between them.

6) Is it ever okay to steal anther girl's guy?  Why or why not?  Why was it okay for Gabi to do so?  Or was it?

Normally I would say no, never but I don't think Gabi really stole Marcello- he fell for her too and there was no real romantic feeling between him and Romana (just ambition on her part, duty on his).  He and Gabi should be together, shouldn't have to liss out on the chance of love.

7) At first Gabi thinks she can work things out on her own.  Find her own way back to the tomb and through it.  She's kind of stubborn about it even, (sneaking out of the castle, climbing down the wall, taking off on the horse, etc).  How does pride sometimes keep us stuck in a tough situation?

Pride can stop people accepting help- thinking they can handle everything all on their own, no matter what the situation really.
Gabi may be a little proud but I think her determination outweighs her pride- she's separated from her sister, not knowing how or where she is, so I think needing to find her sister is her desperate drive to find her sister more than pride.

8) Do you think all things, good or bad, happen for a reason? Why or why not?

I'd like to think that they do- that there's logic or purpose to everything but it's hard to believe that through really hard times, particularly severe loss or disasters.

9) Gabi wonders why God has allowed this to happen to her.  If it happened to you, would you think it was God?  Or something else?

I would probably wonder if it was something divine...something so mind blowing as time travel...but I would also consider scientific reasons, like Gabi's mother.

10) What do you think of the concept of "seizing the day"?  Meaning, making the most of what you have, right now, right here?

It's important to try and seize the day...or at least appreciate the little things in life.

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