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Torrent- Discussion Questions (may contain spoilers)

These questions can be found at the back of the book.

1) On their way to San Galgano, the family discusses the legend of Excalibur and the sword in the stone.  Gabi comments that in her society, people are taught to regard things with suspicion until proven.  Do you see that in people you know? What do people believe in without "proof"?  Is that a good or bad thing?

It seems these days that people don't believe in anything without proof.

2) How old do you think you want to be when you get married?  Why?

Late twenties, early thirties maybe.  I would want to feel ready and certain but I can't but a definite age to it because it depends when I love somebody enough.

3) Two-thirds of medieval women were married by the age of nineteen.  Some very wealthy noblewomen were as old as twenty four when they married but they were a rarity.  What do you think marriage would be like today, in contemporary society, if we married earlier rather than later?  Would it help or hurt?

More and more people aren't even getting married these days.  I don't know what influence getting married earlier would have.

4) How did you respond to Gabi's growing attraction to Rodolfo Greco- and her confusion?  Could you understand it?  What would you have done in that situation?

I hated it quite frankly.  I found myself hating Gabi for it.  All she went through to go back to Marcello, her family going back because of LOVE and then that happened.  In her situation I wouldn't have interacted with Greco on ANY level, not even eye contact.

5) From the beginning of Waterfall to the end of Torrent, significant changes happen in the Betarrini family dynamics.  In the beginning, the girls feel the loss of their dad, connect with their mom, and in the end, really become one again. Has your family suffered through a time of disunity and come out better for it?  Are you in the midst of it now?  What made or would make it better?

Parents divorce was a difficult time but we're better for it now.  Me, me Mum and brother are very close and I wouldn't have it any other way.

6) Tomas has a unique perspective on God, given his time and place.  He's serving as a priest, even when he's no longer representing the Church.  What's your thoughts on how we should share our beliefs with others?

My belief is that religion and our beliefs are very personal, everyone feels different, some like to share it with others, others don't.  Do whatever is comfortable.

7) Once again, Gabi has to do things she never thought possible- jumping to another building, cauterizing a wound, risking her life, etc.- what's the hardest thing you've ever had to do (even if it wasn't life threatening!)?  How'd you feel afterward?

When I started college they made us go to some valley to do 'team exercises' not my thing in the slightest.  And one of the things they made us do was cross a river on a thin beam.  1. I'm not small and 2. my balance is awful, so I was really quite scared of falling in to the river.  Worst day of my life.  No kidding.  After I was shaking ad thought I was going to be sick...and somewhat happy I didn't die.

8) In one passage, the book titles for the series are somewhat explained: "My eyes shifted to the trickling river.  Come spring, it would be ten times as wide and just as deep.  On and on it went, rushing toward the distant horizon.  Like time.  Like life.  Sometimes gently falling from one pool into the other, other times fast and cascading, and still other times falling into a funnel, a torrent of knots and waves."  Have you experienced life like that?  Identify three times in your life that feel like a Waterfall, a Cascade, and a Torrent.  Which one describes your life right now?  

I really struggled...I honestly can't answer it.

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